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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hi Friends...

Here is a little sneak-peek into my hometown, Patna, Bihar. 
People know Patna as a very backward place..
But to tell you the truth...
every place or thing has its plus and minus points...
But home is home...no comparison...
I love my hometown...because of the sweet memories of my childhood... :)
So...here is a glimpse...hope you like it.. 

<= This is Gol Ghar...it is a grain store..
built in British period...
After the devastating famine of 1770, which killed nearly 10 million people in regions of Bengal, Bihar. This beehive shaped structure for the purpose of storing grains for the British Army. It has a storage capacity of 140000 tons.
For more details about Gol Ghar...visit...

<= This is Shree Krishna Memorial Hall...
It is a conference hall situated near by Gandhi Maidan, Patna
in honour of the first Chief Minister of Bihar, Sri Krishna Sinha.
The shape of the structure is quite fascinating... 
for more picture and details...visit..
The catholic church in the premises of 
St. Joseph's convent high school. 
It is situated on the Ashok Rajpath. 
It is one of the most famous catholic churches of Bihar.
Both school and church was established in 1853.

<= Magadh Mahila College...
Magadh Mahila College is a premier institution for women 
and well known in the region for its value based education, 
quality teaching and discipline. 
Established in the year 1946. 
This is a constituent college under Patna University.
This is where i did my graduation...my college..
nice friends and lovely memories.. :)

<= Biscomaun Bhavan...
This is one of the oldest multi-storied office building in Patna.
This 15 storied tower is adjacent to the historic 
Gandhi Maidan and the Ganges. Besides location, 
it has all the ingredients to act at a catalyst 
for the growth of IT Industry in the State.

<=  Udyog BhavanPatna.

This is also an old office building...
which was renovated with a brand new nice look...
it looks impressive... :)

<= Kargil Chowk is a War memorialIt was established 
in year 2000, near by Gandhi MaidanPatna
It is dedicated to the soldiers from Bihar & Jharkhand 
who had sacrificed their lives in the Pakistani infiltration in 1999.

So..this was a little glimpse of my hometown..do let me know what you think...love you all :)


Sobia said...

awesome pics ma...
Patna is luking so beautiful... :) :)

Sobia said...

awesome pics ma...
Patna is luking so beautiful... :) :)

Sadia said...

thanks beta... :)